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„Outthink the Revolution“ is a new and unique business philosophical leadership jam. The leading Business Philosopher Anders Indset invites you to an inspiring and motivational session in a completely new format in evening sessions around the world. It will be an evening to remember. A creative warm-up act and interesting discussions and dialogues with like-minded people will round off an evening of reflection far away from the ordinary.



"It's an uncommon gathering of leaders and creative minded in an inspiring atmosphere where we seek to re-discover the lost art of thinking"


Anders Indset is one of Europe’s leading Business Philosopher offering a new perspective on the „art of thinking“. By bridging the  philosophy of the past with the technology and science of tomorrow he shows how leaders can cope with the 21st century. His 10 postulates of change provide a framework to cope with our fast-paced world.  He is a Norwegian-born occasional tech-investor based out of Frankfurt, Germany and a visiting guest lecturer at leading international business schools, founding partner of Frankfurt International Alliance (FIA) and an advisory board member of German Tech Entrepreneurship Center (GTEC) as well as a trusted advisor for Global CEOs and leading politicians.

In his inspiring keynotes, known for his unconventional thoughts, provoking theses and rock star attitude, he covers topics such as leadership, change and creation, his latest book wild knowledge ( was launched in Europe in May, in is planned for the US in Q4 2017.