Outthink the Revolution is coming to a city near you.
RSVP for the Business Philosophical Leadership Jam on the dates / cities bellow. Keep checking back for new cities and dates.


Anders is currently working on his next book and tied up with keynote engagements. Dates for JAMs in the 2nd half of 2018 to follow shortly.


London, UK 22.03.2017
Frankfurt, Germany 21.04.2017
Amsterdam, Netherlands 27.04.2017
Zurich, Switzerland 09.05.2017
Vienna, Austria 17.05.2017
Madrid, Spain 22.05.2017
London, UK 25.05.2017
London „Regents Special“ UK 26.05.2017
Hamburg, Germany 01.06.2017
Bern, Switzerland 30.08.2017
Oslo, Norway 27.09.2017
Frankfurt, Germany 12.10.2017
Copenhagen, Denmark 15.11.2017